Hublot replica sale announced international visual artist Chen Man has become a global brand ambassador

Hublot replica sale
Hublot replica sale

When the flow of time is solidified as a moment of art, it hosts a time change of light and vivid Creators, as “Art of Fusion” Hublot replica sale Hublot replica sale different kind of interpretation of the spirit of philosophy. June 5, 2015, “Hublot replica sale love art,” the gorgeous moments again been fixed Hublot replica sale ushered art global brand ambassador! – International visual artist Chen Man, her unique perspective to female artists fusion of fashion and art, creating a series of extraordinary visual works, to become Hublot replica sale brand ambassador of the first Chinese women. At the same time, it also highlights the Hublot replica sale watch market for Chinese high-end women’s strategic vision.

As a world-renowned visual artist Chen Man With a unique personal style, winning in the international arena, becoming a well-deserved first; she cooperated with many world-renowned line media to cover shot, female-specific capture delicate and sensitive lighting for the well-known faces given unprecedented charm and personality, show a unique perspective; she first of its kind to be seemingly contradictory traditional Chinese philosophical culture and contemporary fashion combine to create a non-equilibrium unparalleled beauty, has become China distinctive contemporary visual art pioneers. Chen Man its unrestrained imagination and creativity, the Hublot replica sale “became the first, unique, distinctive” brand philosophy, most vividly, undoubtedly become a great brand endorsement.

At the press conference, Chen Man shared a female artist for the visual arts of insights, while Chen Man’s latest unveiled Hublot replica sale ad visuals. Wearing a Hublot replica sale Big Bang watches sapphire cowboy karaoke Chen Man holding the camera, being in the scarlet of Chinese classical architecture before, burst out of a unique blend of Eastern and Western aesthetic femininity.

Hublot replica sale long history of cooperation with Chen Man – she had personally Shot of three global brand ambassador for Hublot replica sale shooting advertising images. Chen Man shot, the international supermodel Baer ยท Lai Fali (Bar Refaeli) Big Bang embroidery wrist watch exudes charm of sexy and cool in the eyes of her perseverance in stark contrast to the irresistible femininity enjoy the show; in the Big Bang Unico “independent Italian” watch brand portfolio, founder and chairman Lapu Eyre Kahn (Lapo Elkann) and the “independence of Italy”, the Chen Man with wrist inch to the business community Wizards of the rebellious noble qualities show no doubt; international piano superstar Lang Lang and Chen Man of the collision, it is refreshing – the passion of the Big Bang Lang Lang Pei wearing carbon fiber square diamond watch disruptive to sit at the piano , the respect for tradition but persistent innovation become Chen Man particular interpretation of Lang Lang. Three sites masterpiece embodies all female visual artists as Chen Man acumen and dedication, her superb artistry portray a moment of art, try unique artistic creation in bold and innovative in thought.

Hublot replica watches UK Greater China General Manager Mr. Louis Beaver (Loic Biver) would like to welcome Chen Man join Hublot replica sale family: “Chen Man is not only a famous visual artist, it is the promoter of avant-garde art, is model of female artists from her body, we can feel as a woman for outstanding contribution to the arts. At the same time, this is the ‘Hublot replica sale love art’ event in a history, highlights the brand for women watch market investment and attention, and we look forward in the future Chen Man and Hublot replica sale will crash out of more ornate artistic spark. ”

Chen Man said: “I am very proud to become a brand ambassador for Hublot replica sale I love this brand, it is not limited to respect for watchmaking tradition and innovation, perseverance, and more importantly, Hublot replica sale and I have. fully consistent with the spirit of respect – the power of integration make artworks more full of tension, but with deep and profound thought Hublot replica sale brand philosophy led me to continue to explore the achievements of my artistic dreams. “.

Hublot replica sale global brand ambassador Chen Man carefully selected Big Bang cowboy karaoke sapphire wrist watch as loved ones. As the first luxury watch brand launched by leading tannins fabric watch, this watch is a collection of innovative, stylish appearance and comfortable wearing experience, sought after by the trend of people – when fingers touch the texture of fabric bring a sense of comfort, and tannins complement innate fashion look. The symbol of the rebirth of its own creation and revival of Hublot replica sale Big Bang series with the revolutionary material integration, again the Swiss replica watches making essence and art of the perfect fusion of contemporary trends.

Big Bang cowboy karaoke sapphire watch with breakthrough tannins look people feel amazing, dial and strap of top Italian denim fabric selection; gorgeous sapphire bezel and dial decorated with dazzling diamonds, but also for the artsy Chen Man adds charm wrist when capturing images of light and shadow. As an international visual artist of choice, Big Bang cowboy karaoke sapphire watch both stylish and sexy outspoken. HUB4300 watch equipped with self-winding chronograph movement, providing up to 42 hours of power reserve, water resistant up to 100 meters.

Be the first, unique, distinctive, they become shared between Hublot replica sale and Chen Man’s spiritual language, the integration process in an unprecedented visual arts, expect both burst out of infinite inspiration!