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The memory of old times: Contemporary Bell & Ross replica watches set on

Contemporary Bell & Ross replica watches
Contemporary Bell & Ross replica watches

Mechanical clocks in the revival of 1980’s, means that the development of senior watches began to shift to the appreciation or collections for the purpose, is also from the mechanical process or decorative art field, open up more possibilities. This also makes the transition as a carrier of the timepiece, can no longer stick to watch, pocket watch, including even the larger clock can also be used as a mechanical process or decorative art of the perfect performance of the stage.

Among them, shape is slightly larger, at the same time watch convenience watch became a popular option. In fact, the beginning of the epidemic as long as the 3 century watch from seventeenth Century, can be said to be the golden age for the development of the art of watchmaking, deeply influenced the process of technology today watch. Replica watches the practical performance in twentieth Century has been replaced by a more compact watch, watch technology is also transferred to the continued development of the watch. Therefore, when people watch this timepiece style re interpretation on this, a new clock technology as the technical support, will have more space and time, including the focus on art or other aspects of performance, showing a more artistic value than ever, which is the charm of contemporary watch.

Bell & Ross Replica Watches PW1 Repetition Minutes Argentium

Bell & Ross’s addition to the well-known Instrument series, another a long history of Vintage series, after using the brand new design concept, re interpretation of contemporary aesthetics, a retro style timepiece designed to reproduce the aviation technology enlightenment in early twentieth Century. This series includes to watch Vintage WW1 watch works of conceptual design, and we described here the watch works PW1. The PW1 RepetitionMinutes Argentium watch with simple retro design, as well as five points two ask time performance, most notably ArgentiumR Ge silver alloy with this gold watch, let show a very unique nostalgic texture.

Bell & Ross PW1 Repetition Minutes Argentium, ArgentiumR patent germanium and silver alloy material watchcase, table 49 mm in diameter, when, in two, five seconds, a small Dubois Depraz asked time, hand chain five two Q movement, sapphire crystal mirror, bottom Gai, germanium and silver alloy material ArgentiumR patent “Barleycoron” of Wheat twist a rope groove after the lifting of Gai, waterproof 30 meters, with Sterling Silver bracelet.

In the pocket replica watches Uk era, both durable and low cost of the silver case can be said to be selected from the popular material. When the silver alloy is usually in 92.5% sterling silver, other alloy material plus 7.5% component, is intended to strengthen the plastic silver force, this is generally known as the “Silver 925”. However, because the 925 silver is too soft, and the surface oxidation will occur after a rusty ugly, after entering the era they rarely use watches. In order to reproduce the classic case of silver pocket watch in texture, while strengthening the material properties of silver, Bell & Ross, especially the development of ArgentiumR alloy as the material of the watch. ArgentiumR is a silver germanium alloy material patent, adding 1.2% Ge in sterling silver, the silver hardness high, and have the characteristics of anti rust. At the same time will emit a unique silver sheen, as Bell & Ross re interpretation of retro table best choice models.

In addition, PW1 Repetition Minutes Argentium is also a complex performance watch, hand chain internal equipped with ETA core based Depraz Module 87 Dubois, loading time module combination of the five question two movement, which is currently on the market the most popular time table entry program. The classic design of nostalgia, coupled with the combination of patent material and complex performance, the PW1 Repetition Minutes Argentium to become a model of contemporary interpretation of classical watch technology.

Bovet AmadeoR Fleurier Tourbillon Virtuoso III

With more than 200 years of history, but also one of the few most early to enter the market of the Swiss watch brand Chinese. Today’s Bovet bovei not only has a solid design tabulation process, to watch other as a concept, and intentions in the decorative arts, faithfully reflect the history of the brand, distinctive character makes the style of some low-key brand, but have a lot of supporters loyal person. This is to introduce the flag in 2010 launched the first Amadeo series, with flip case, and the design is flexible to change, and watch the clock watch, I think this is the brand re interpretation of its history, and the most original character of the series. The 2014 launch of the Amadeo Fleurier Tourbillon Virtuoso III reversed the manual assembly five day power storage inverse jump is a combination of perpetual calendar, exquisite watchmaking technology and the design work of aesthetics.