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The new product series replica watches

The new product series replica watches –Big Bang Unico Basel in 2013 turned out, people can not help but recall the “explosion” effect in 2005 at the Big Bang caused by Blair. This is the perfect fusion of Hublot Big Bang’s most iconic brand completely independent design and production of the UNICO movement.

Big Bang Unico Wang Ceramics

Big Bang UNICO striking design and reputation of the Big Bang series line of succession and major optimization: have a more impressive 45.5 mm diameter case, highlight fashion mechanical appearance; bezel will still be Hublot’s iconic six H-type screw locking design trendy, clever and more prominent technology (the top of each of the more distinctive bolts, you can choose polished or matte modification effect). Also worth mentioning is the new crown design. The new screw-in crown, by the pressing of natural rubber-coated, screw-terminal decorated with classic shapes from the H-shaped logo. Since the Big Bang 2005, was born the first time round buttons. Each button is protected by the integrated protection devices in the center of the button, such as the engine piston-like lubricating flexible. Angular and Hublot classic sandwich a structured design is preserved in the case. Meanwhile strap attachment significant optimization: the famous one-button switch function, so that the wearer can quickly switch detachment Swiss Replica watches are equipped with a variety of strap for the new diamond-shaped structure with a natural rubber strap, and the dial unaware one, complement each other. UNICO hollow dial so sophisticated column-wheel movement is clearly visible timer, glance, scale and Arabic numerals have been redesigned, larger display hollow and covered luminous coating. Moreover, the two time-dial surrounded by a polished ring, wherein minute time dial at 3 o’clock, small seconds dial at 9 o’clock Chronograph, calendar pane displays the same at 3 o’clock. Pointer has been re-modification process, a two-stage review faceted luminous coating.

The column-wheel movement entirely designed by timer Hublot factories, research and development and manufacturing, has a dual level of clutch dial side that is clearly visible. All in all, the whole concept and design Replica watches sale the DNA HUBLOT: sport, performance, tech clearly demonstrated. All are designed to fashion, practical and rational principle, without any superfluous decoration accessories.

UNICO movement evolutionary path

UNICO autonomous movement is HUBLOT most iconic significance of self-produced chronograph movement, it consists entirely of microscopic mechanic Hublot, engineers and replica watches makers independent design, development, manufacture and assemble. In 2010, Hublot headquarters in Geneva factory building completed just one year, UNICO movement that is in the year of the Basel Swiss Replica watches Fair appearance, declaring Hublot based movement in the development and production of official head start. As a function of the movement has returned to time, it can be reset at any time, especially in the watchmaking industry unique design is the dial side of the movement to integrate the two-button configuration, date display with double horizontal clutch The unique positioning mechanism and the famous column wheel. R & D process completely original methods and ways of thinking to break the traditional framework of the achievements of the UNICO movement apart. For example, the timing device is directly driven by the barrel, and there is no alignment bar in chronograph internal structure. This simplification, improved reliability and stability. Escapement fork and escapement wheel made of silicon material is fixed on a movable platform, and lightweight characteristics of silicon to ensure its operation performance.

UNICO’s name comes from Unique, which also officially Hublot has always been the pursuit of unique and ordinary people can not and. Rigid structure and movement can not meet today’s trends and the rapid pace of development, so Hublot UNICO movement from the date of birth, has not stopped the movement for the exploration and adjustment. Today, the movement parts has been simplified from the original 394 to 330, the movement of the robustness increased significantly, which is more than one department technology department, laboratories, and service and other cooperative efforts to sophisticated achievements. Applied to the Big Bang Unico series of movements that is recently evolved UNICO movement.

4 Hz (28,800 times / hour) of the vibration frequency and flawless While this process ensures high-quality chronograph. In addition, including cutting, gem installation, lubrication and automated production of numerous assembly steps but also to ensure the stability of the quality movement and quality standards strictly controlled. Power reserve of approximately 72 hours.

Today, the replica watches is not just measuring instruments of time, and become the embodiment of people’s personality items. Therefore, wearing top replica watches, more importantly, function is to tell the world who I am, by a replica watches, reflecting the personality, taste and attitude to life. Hublot replica watches is for those successful people the courage to express themselves, thinking personality and full of young fashion mentality and preparation. Big Bang is not only a big bang universe, but also walked every successful person in life big bang peak experienced. Only the most abundant life, in order to carry the meaning of time. Big Bang UNICO, with its brilliant design, excellent movement, unique content, reshape history, connecting the future!