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An Almost Perfect Audemars Piquet Replica watches


Great Audemars Piquet Replication

Great Audemars Piquet Replication

Those who read my blog know me for my Rolex herding obsession, but recently looking through my replica watches collection I noticed the lack of Audemars Piquet knockoffs. So in today’s review I’ll be talking about one of my first Audemars Piquet Royal Oak offshore replica, which I ordered from a website I did business with before and came out of the experience pleasantly impressed.
Quality: Are These Replica Watches Any Good?

As I said before in the introduction for my review, I decided to order off this website because I knew they usually provide good quality products. I know this first hand, because I’ve ordered from them several times and every time the watches were eloquent reproductions of the original models.

The exact model I got is the Audemars Piquet Royal Oak Offshore Chronograph which features a rose gold, titanium case and sapphire back. As you can see from the images, the replica watch looks quite stunning and I couldn’t be happier with my purchase.

Apart from its gorgeous looks, the watch’s mechanism runs smoothly and even if I just started wearing the watch I have a good feeling things won’t go sour. Nevertheless, I’m going to have to wait  to give the final verdict, until a few months pass-by, so I’m going to rate this fake watch as a semi-perfect replica.

I bought this watch off this month (March) because the website offered a promotion I couldn’t resist: buy three watches and you get the cheapest one for free. I’ll return with a few observations about the other models in a few weeks, so stay tuned.
Usability and Design for Replica watches was recently blessed with a design makeover, so the website looks quite inviting. You can browse by brands, new arrivals or genre. There’s also a search bar that returns pretty decent results, in case you visit the website with a particular watch model in mind.

Clicking on a watch will reveal more information about the particular model. Pictures are watermarked and seem to be stock images of the actual products. Given how dazzling my Audemars Piquet replica watches I believe the pictures are genuine.
Service: Is Their Staff Any Good?

I did not need to contact customer service now, but from my previous experience I know they have an around the clock hotline that actually connects you to a human working the company. A live chat feat is also available, for those just looking for a friendly chat.
Shipping: Is It Fast and Reliable?

Shipping is not free of charge and you’ll have to pay about $25 additionally to your order, but in approximately 10 days you’ll order will be delivered to your door step.
Return Policy: Is It Reasonable?

As part of this review I’ll share another piece of important info with you: if you want to apply for an exchange of product you better do so within 30 days since you received your product. However, I like my Audemars Piquet Royal Oak offshore replica quite a lot, therefore I’m definitely keeping it.
The Bottom Line

To conclude this review I have to say I’m pretty glad I’ve decided to purchase my first Audemars Piquet replica from this website which I recommend you to try if you are in the search of a reliable replica merchant.